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13 2017
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*Samvatskij calendar (Vikram-Samvat) is a popular [1] in India calendar in which the length of the solar year is associated with the duration of the lunar months. It founded the modern Nepali calendar. Samvatskim calendar used primarily in Northern and central India. Use this system begins with 57 years BC and associate with the name Vikram, or Vikramaditi, which are devoted to numerous legends describing him as a national hero and the ideal ruler. About him as the ruler of India, who expelled foreign invaders. In most legends tells about the desire to bestow Vikram his people and his sacrifice themselves and their personal interests for the sake of the other. He is renowned for his generosity, service to others, courage and lack of arrogance. The name Vikramaditya, like Caesar\'s name, became a symbol and a title, and many subsequent rulers annexed it to their names. Because the timeline for the samvatskoj era begins with the year 57 BC, therefore, 2016 year Gregorian calendar corresponds to the year 2073 samvatskogo calendar.


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