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Саудовская Аравия - - 1970-2070


( , ) 1970 2070 for Саудовская Аравия

Internet domain: .sa - telephone code: +966 - International dialing code: 00
Riyal (SAR) ... !

(104 . 21 ), ...

LABOUR RULES* 1 , 2019исключительные события 
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Школьные праздники** 1 , 2019 (please double check) 
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() 6 , 2019 (please double check) 
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1 , 2020

исключительные события : Working Time Non-Ramadan The working hour for a worker or employee in KSA Should not work more than 8 hrs in a day as per Saudi Labor Law article no 98. If an employee wants to reduce or adjust the working time due to any reason, then it should not more than 48 hrs in a week. Working Time In Ramadan The Working hrs in the holy month of Ramadan(Ramzan) for Muslime worker or employee in KSA should not work more than 6 hrs in a single day and it should not more than 36 hrs in 7 days of a week.

Школьные праздники -
1 , 2020

Школьные каникулы : Www.moe.gov.sa
official calendar gazetted by the Ministry of Education
PISA ranking (average 493): not listed
Schooling is mandatory till age 15
Teaching languages: Arabic, Tagalog (in Philippines schools)
Religious education is compulsory
schools are closed on Friday & Saturday
school uniforms may be required
King Abdulaziz University ranking: Times Higher Education #201/QS ranking #--/Shanghai #101
We carry all confirmed dates till June 2022
Contact edit@edit.fr to purchase the full calendar for Saudi Arabia or one file containing confirmed calendars of 550 countries and regions.

() -
6 , 2019

Школьные каникулы :