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Соми (Лапландия) - - 1970-2070

( , ) 1970 2070 for Соми (Лапландия)

Formerly known as Lapland.
Covers the northern territories of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia

* 6 , 2017Национальный праздник 
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6 , 2018

: The Sami are an Arctic indigenous people living in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. They are considered to have been living in the Sami settlement area - Sapmi - as far back in time as source material can tell us, which stretches from the Kola Peninsula in northeast Russia to Engerdal in eastern Norway and Idre in southern Sweden. It is estimated that about 60-70 000 Sami live in these areas today, whereas approximately 40 000 live in Norway, 20 000 in Sweden, 7500 in Finland and 2000 in Russia. [www.norveska.org.rs]